Black Hole


Wakefull of dark

Noiseless and calm

The demon grows on

And covers each laugh

My heartbeat turns to pain

Breathing to strain


Dirty rain is dripping down my face

And I know

That darkness in my soul

And I fall, and I’m sick

Life is a bitch!


You come to me

Into my soul

And I get lost in a hole

You come to me in the same old rut


In the sly

Yearning paints

Another picture of life in my mind

Than his words

Sow doubts and signify

‘You could fall’

Too much to bear

I can’t stand

Once again


The dark’s increasing, I’m blind

I can barely keep me afloat

Forcing myself to carry on


The calm’s increasing to a kind

Of an imminent storm

Waiting to discharge

Good sense is on the wane


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