there`s a little crouching me

eyes wide open – afraid to see

echoing his woman cries

cracking up a bottle flies

a streak of blood above the cheek

the wolf has gathered all his sheep

I can`t take it hiding in my sheets

hiding in my sheets


richochetting off the wall

piroetting in slow fall


there`s a little lying me

eyes wide open – where is she?

purring ‘round his drunken calf

never knowing of his wrath      

a breath of spirits in the air

I close my eyes - too much to bear

and as his fingers find her tail

above my shriek a ghastly wail


piroetting quite unstable

richochetting off the table


there`s a little standing me

eyes wide open – where is he

struggeling toppled on the floor

but then she bites and cries no more

a taste of blood inside her cheek

the wolf has misjudged all his the sheep but I can`t

I still can`t take it hiding in my sheets

hiding in my sheets


too much has happened, too much was seen

for the living doll that I have been

I can still feel the geese like

as I stood there and stared

so at first I was scared


ricochetting off my life

piroetting in a dive


never ridding myself

of the shodow we shared

in the feathers of time

I turned out to be scarred


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