Charlett Schwarz?

... in some ways she's a split personality. Inconspicuously observing she stalks the scene, intentionally represented in the guise of a black cat. She's music and a symbol for the blending of musical styles at the same time.

Melancholy, coming to terms with the past, observing society, philosophical ways of thinking about the ordinary. These are the main topics of the lyrics - partly German, partly English and occasionally both at the same time or even none at all - which alter in level of complexity and emphasize Charlett's skill of reflection. Impressions, sombre thoughts and dark secrets, luggage which all of us carry to some extend, worlds askew, working ever so slightly different. The music keeps following the plot and in this manner creates a bubble of thought for each song to exist in.

'Behind a face' is an ever changing debut, where dark and melancholic atmosphere may change to a powerful chorus in the wink of an eye. There is not one single stopgap, each song has it's own unique raison d'être. If one listened to any one song and thought the others would resemble it, errs. Variability and the experimental mingling of different styles are what keeps our creativity on the go. By and large it's mainly Veyna's very own style of voice, which defines the character of the band and its means of recognition.



For Veyna it all began as kind of a one-woman-show...

After several attempts to start projects with various fellow musicians, which failed due to lack of enthusiasm or taste too, she decided to pay her way and have a shot at the songwriting part all on her own. With creativity and a vengeance she set off composing and singing. Obviously meaning business, for given some time quite a notable amount of song-pieces had piled. Then she met Alex, an enthusiastic and all the more creative guitar-player whose roots lay in the metal and alternative sector, but who was very much attracted to the dark scene too. Sure enough they shortly began their first common projects. The seed of what was to become Charlett Schwarz was sown.

The songs - as mentioned for the most part of Veyna's doing - gained even more colour and quality when Marc joined the band. A talented all-round musician who added to the touch last not least by the sensitive piano passages. Summing all up, Lestaria's violin, time and by leaving the grounds of the afore experienced, seasoned the dish. Shortly though it was obvious that she’d only stay a guestmusician, for there were too many other obligations she had to fulfil.
With the live-versions done and ‘tested’, there finally is time enough to work out new songs. There is still much unused material - both old and new - and they are ready and set, so they are peeking forward to a second album a wee bit too…

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